FDRS 1002 – Basic FDRS Troubleshooting

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The student will obtain the necessary knowledge & skills for successfully troubleshooting the ‘analog/digital’ parameters of the Flight Data Recording System. The aircraft maintenance manual functional test and wiring diagram manual are used as the primary references for instructing the student in the various types of FDR input sensors. Busworx® 717 DSDU (Data Signal Display Unit) is the standard industry GSE tool for reading FDRS data in real time. As such, throughout the class, the student uses Busworx to read data in real time, thereby giving an intense OJT experience in the comfort of a classroom. The syllabus includes management of FDRS full functional tests and calibration (simulated –vs- operational inputs), cross correlation using real time analysis and post analysis, defect resolution, dedicated sensor systems and hidden faults, and a host of other beneficial FDRS topics. FDR 1001 is a prequisite.

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