FDR 3001 – Advanced FDRS Theory

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In this course, we review the complete conversion process from sensor input to flight data display with respect to linear, non linear, polynomial, piecewise, and other established conversion formulae. The student will be taught how to develop conversion equations for FDR systems, where documentation either doesn’t exist or  is too inaccurate to produce accurate engineering unit data. The basics of standards 542A, 573, 717, & 767 Enhanced Airborne Fllight Recorder are covered in accordance with the ARINC specifications.The class also covers data remapping, reverse engineering, raw data conversion, and the calculation of the correlation coefficient. Simulation and stimulation techniques are also used to vary the FDR inputs so the student can realize the dynamic behaviour of several different types of sensors, i.e. - VLLDC, HLDC, AC ratio, etc. The student should have a good grasp of mathematics, and in addition. must be complete FDR 2001 prior to enrolling in this course.

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