FDR 2001 – FDR Database Management

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The Database - abbreviated Dbase - is the heart of the GDRAS (Ground Data Replay and Analysis System).   A GDRAS is any software application capable of converting recorded binary data into accurate and meaningful graphics & engineering units, for the purpose of flight data analysis. During the course the student learns to validate, edit, and create Dbase conversion data from established OEM FDR dataframe technical specifications. Honeywell, Teledyne, L3, Airbus, Embraer, & Boeing FDR dataframe documents are reviewed in detail in order to make the student comfortable with manipulating Dbase data from any aircraft.  The mathematical science of the FDR basic frame will be covered to enable the student to understand the structure of subframes, words, synchronization, and raw data. Completion of FDR 1001 or proof of successful completion of an equivalent course is required prior to enrolling in FDR 2001.

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