FDR 1001 – Basic Flight Data Analysis

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This course is designed for beginners and those seeking FDR analyst recurrent training. In FDR 1001 the student reviews ‘live’ data from several aircraft models in order to differentiate between normal and abnormal flight data. This learning approach helps the student acquire the necessary visual awareness for quickly detecting gross deviations in standard parameter behaviour. During the course flight data - displayed in engineering units - is inspected for violations in range and accuracy in accordance with established regulatory limits. This further enhances the students analytical skills which is helpful during analysis of events and incidents. Throughout the class, flight data waveforms are analyzed based on aircraft aerodynamics, avionics & systems functionality, airport configuration and mapping, flight route & phases, navigational aids, static & dynamic sensor behaviour, and standard operational procedures. In addition, FDR regulation (i.e. – required sampling rates, resolution, accuracy, range, and correlation) and methods for ensuring continued airworthiness are mastered in order to instill a sense of compliance in the student.

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