With a host of professional pilots, air safety specialists, aerospace & avionics engineers, and flight data analysts on our team, we regularly provide customers with a well rounded education in all areas of Flight Data analysis, Flight Data Software database management, FDR system theory, and FDR system troubleshooting. By default, our classes are designed to cover FDR compliance (i.e. – topics include frame synchronization, operational range, resolution, parameter movement, direction of movement, parameter accuracy, and correlation) so that you walk away with confidence in your ability to satisfy your local FDR maintenance requirements.

Our flight data analysts are also our instructors and the classes are supplemented with cross training and knowledge from our pilot, safety, and engineering groups. This robust strategy keeps our analysis, knowledge, and expertise fresh and gives the student a well rounded view of the complete flight data environment. We train airlines, regulatory authorities, and accident investigation agencies on a regular basis, which puts us in a perfect position to understand all phases, technicalities and ‘problem/solution’ scenarios related to the analysis of flight data.

Our courses, FDR 1001 through FDRS 2002, span the range of FDR & FDRS technology topics and you have the option of receiving training at our facility or yours. With our flexible class schedules you can train according to your budget. Our classes repeat throughout the year in order in fit your best schedule.

FDR Analysis Training - Course list:
FDR 1001 – Basic Flight Data Analysis
FDR 2001 – FDR Database Management
FDR 3001 – Advance FDRS Theory

FDR Calibration & Troubleshooting - Course list:
FDRS 1002 – Basic FDRS Troubleshooting
FDRS 2002 – Advance FDRS Troubleshooting & Calibration

Our most recent trainees: