Erasure of FDR Data

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As much as the regulatory authorities mandate the conservation of flight recorder data, there are times when the erasure of FDR data becomes mandatory for security reasons. Customers often need to sell aircraft to other operators and doing so may put your confidential data in the hands of the new aircraft owner. In other cases, our military customers do not want the FDR data, i.e. – latitude & longitude, gps data, etc., falling into the wrong hands. As such, erasure of FDR data becomes mandatory when this popular black box is sent out for repair or transported from one place to another.

We overwrite your existing FDR data with our Labworx® T717 thereby eliminating any trace of previously recorded data. In the event your data is highly classified, we understand that not even Gabriel Aerospace Systems can have access to the FDR. As such, we also sell Labworx® T717 in the event you wish to erase your own data.

As always, before erasure of FDR data, the unit needs to be downloaded, and the raw data file archived in order to satisfy all regulatory requirements. We provide quick and easy FDR data erasure service, so that you can feel comfortable knowing that your data is safe.