115VAC - 400 Hz Power Supply

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Situated in a light weight case, the PSU-100 can power two LRU’s at the same time for hours on end. With our family of download cables and the PSU-100, you can turn your office into a convenient download lab, instead of sending out your CVR’s and FDR’s for readout. As with most of our products, you have the flexible option of purchasing or renting our unit. 

Product Specifications:

  • Input Channel: 220 VAC @ 50 Hz
  • 2 Output Channels: 115VAC @ 400 Hz
  • Max Power Out: 500W
  • Cooling: Forced Air
  • Temperature Range: 0 – 70 deg C
  • Size: 17.90 x 18.98 x 5.94
  • Usage: Lab