FDR Data Eraser/Transmitter

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Labworx® T717 is a micro DFDAU capable of transmitting signals in accordance with specification ARINC 573/717. In terms of electrical and waveform characteristics, the output signal is equivalent to the on-board DFDAU transmission. In essence, your FDR cannot differentiate between the incoming data stream of a standard DFDAU and Labworx.

This leading edge device is also perfectly suited for erasing data from any ARINC ‘573/717’ FDR. In cases where the erasure of FDR data is important for mission critical operations, Labworx can be depended on to completely overwrite and remove all existing FDR stored data. Labworx has been used in ‘FDR/FDRS’ repair, simulation, and laboratory testing of various FDR models. Although it was designed for lab use, it can also be used for ‘on-wing’ FDRS troubleshooting when the DFDAU or DFDAU transmission line is suspect. The unit also contains a Calibration Mode which is useful for viewing the ARINC spec waveform using a standard oscilloscope.

Product Specifications:

Labworx® T717 P/N: 502-0709-030:

Output specs:

  • Transmitter: 64, 128, 256 or 512 words per second
  • Synchronization: Teledyne and Hamilton Standard
  • Connector: Standard DB-9 - female
  • Application: ARINC 573/717 FDR’s  

Input specs:

  • Power: 7 – 40 VDC
  • Connector: Standard banana plug - female


  • Lightweight
  • No calibration requirements