P/N 980-6005

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The CVR Playback Interface Module H6005® downloads audio - “off wing” - from the Honeywell 980-6005 magnetic tape CVR. Using the H6005® onboard DIP switch, you can download the audio channels individually or collectively. The download of audio data is accomplished in +/- 30 minutes using our VADS® mobile computer platform. The package includes the necessary high fidelity software for playback of your audio data.

Product Specifications:

Package includes:

  • CVR Playback Interface Module H6005® P/N: 502-0810-020
  • VADS® computer (preconfigured with customized software and drivers)


  • Single platform for audio download and playback
  • No calibration requirements

CVR compatibility (XXX = any sequence of  numbers):

  • Honeywell P/N 980-6005-XXX (30 minute recorder)