P/N 980-6020 & -6022

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The SSCVR Playback Kit H6020® contains the hardware, software, and VADS® mobile computing platform necessary for downloading a crystal clear copy of your stored audio data.  This high-tech product extracts 4 channels of digital audio data from your SSCVR unit with the click of a button. With our flexible interface cables, the download can be  accomplished on the aircraft (on-wing) or in your lab (off-wing).  The CVR rear connector is used for all signal communication and  interfacing. As with our other products, you have the option of purchasing or renting our package at very competitive rates.

Product Specifications:

SSCVR Playback Kit H6020® P/N: 002-0811-030, includes:

  • SSCVR Playback Interface Cable H6020® P/N: 502-0810-030
  • SSCVR Power & Signal Cable H6020® P/N: 702-0810-030
  • VADS® computer (preconfigured with customized software and drivers)


  • No external media required (i.e. – PCMCIA, USB, Optical Disk, etc.). Data is downloaded and played back by the
    VADS® computer.
  • Data can be transferred wirelessly from the VADS® computer to your command center
  • No calibration requirements

CVR compatibility (XXX = any sequence of  numbers):

  • Honeywell P/N 980-6020-XXX (30 minute recorder)
  • Honeywell P/N 980-6022-XXX (2 hour recorder)