P/N 93A100(A)

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The CVR Playback Interface Module FA100 extracts 4 channels of combined audio data from your Fairchild CVR P/N 93A100(A), so that you can enjoy the playback of Pilot, F/O, Cockpit Area Mic, and ‘Third Crew Member/PA system’ communications. The download of audio data is accomplished in +/- 30 minutes  using our award winning VADS® mobile computer. The download of the CVR is accomplished - “off-wing” - in your  air conditioned EPA office environment. Extraction of audio data is accomplished in 5 basic steps:

  1. Remove the CVR outer case and select circuit card assemblies
  2. Insert our CVR PIM FA100 module
  3. Inject  115 volts AC (400Hz) from a reliable power supply
  4. Download audio data
  5. Playback audio data