AVIONICS TEST & GROUND SUPPORT  SYSTEMSThe onboard Avionics suite of any aircraft is fed by a multitude of ‘signals/sensors’ and the same avionics systems output a variety of signal content in several different forms. There is a great need for on-wing and off-wing ‘high-end’ test solutions to satisfy the databus, simulation, emulation, frequency generation and other miscellaneous needs of modern aircraft.  From receivers to transmitters, ARINC 429 to MIL1553, and from ethernet connectivity to wireless technology, the demand for cost effective solutions never ends.  And that’s why we at Gabriel Aerospace Systems launched the Avionics Test & Ground Support Systems division.

In this division we focus on the support mechanisms which are needed for successfully testing , simulating, and maintaining old and new avionics systems. Although we originally launched this initiative to support the signal and power requirements of recording systems, we have since expanded our goals to include the support of all aerospace avionics systems. The demand for additional high-end avionics support constantly drives us to add additional capability. It is our goal to add TCAS, GPWS, GPS, and other ground test equipment as we expand our portfolio in 2012.

Please visit our site frequently for the latest updates. Should you have a need which we do not presently fill, contact us to see how we can assist you in satisfying your test equipment requirements.