FDR READOUT CENTERAt the Gabriel Aerospace Systems FDR Readout Center, we specialize in the download, analysis, and readout of flight data in accordance with the specifications mandated by all aviation regulatory authorities. Although the FDR is primarily installed on the aircraft for accident investigation and regulatory compliance, you can use the flight data for analyzing air safety issues, material degradation and engine performance. For these reasons, as a standard practice we analyze all mandatory and non-mandatory parameters in order to give you a complete view of all recorded parameters.
We are positioned to analyze data from your FDR, DVDR, QAR, DMU, or DFDAU regardless of the file type. We are also equipped to provide you with the industry’s fastest turn-around-time, best prices, and award-winning customer service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
After years of performing readouts, we have developed quite an enormous library of flight data conversion databases ranging from Cessna to Boeing and from Dornier to Airbus. As such, we have the capability to analyze your FDAU/FDR combination regardless of  aircraft type, engine, and recording speed. We continue to add new downloaders to our product family every year.
Please review our existing selection of FDR downloaders to see if we can add value to your aircraft or lab operation.

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