CVR AUDIO CENTERIn 2010, after receiving several customer requests for CVR readout, we finally entered the CVR download and audio playback market. Due to the years of success with our family of FDR downloaders, it was the next logical step in order to assist our clients with capturing a more complete picture of the cockpit operational environment. With the primary goal of providing crystal clear audio, we launched our CVR Audio Center, offering download and audio playback for a handful of CVR’s at a fraction of the cost of competing readout centers. All download and playback is accomplished using our VADS® mobile computer Technology and CVR playback interface ‘cables/modules’. Our CVR downloaders are now available for purchase or rent, thereby giving you maximum flexibility and freedom of choice. If we currently cover your CVR model, you can immediately begin saving on your yearly CVR readout costs by taking advantage of our products and services.



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