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December 2011
Merpati Nusantara Airlines - - purchased Gabriel's SSCVR Playback Kit H6020 for their audio download and playback program

October 2011
Air Niugini - - selects the Gabriel Aerospace Systems Playback Interface Cable H6020 for their Honeywell 980-6020/6022-XXX SSCVR audio playback operations.

June 2011
Russian customer ‘AVCOM-Domodedovo Business Aviation Center’ selects Gabriels’ FVIC® (F1000 VADS Interface Cable) for its Fairchild F1000 FDR downloads.

May 2011
Dynamic Aviation - – turns to Gabriel Aerospace Systems for flight test ‘flight data download’ support.

March 2011
Russian customer ‘AVCOM-Domodedovo Business Aviation Center’ selects Gabriels’ SVIC® (SSFDR VADS Interface Cable) for its Honeywell 980-4120 SSUFDR downloads.

December 2010
The Brazilian Accident Investigation Agency (CENIPA) - - received a full week of Flight Data Analysis training from Gabriel Aerospace Systems, at the Marriot hotel, Anaheim California. Plans are underway for additional training.

December 2010
Gabriel Aerospace enters the Nepal market. Agni Air - - headquartered in Kathmandu Nepal, places order for several CVR and FDR products. We'd like to welcome Agni Air to our family.

September 2010
The DGCA DAAO (Directorate Airworthiness and Aircraft Operation) of Indonesia received from Gabriel Aerospace a full week of FDR compliance, readout, and repair training at the Sari Pan Pacific Hotel, Jakarta, 27 Sept - 1 Oct 2010.

August 2010
Aug 2010 Sriwijaya Air places order for Gabriel's new CVR playback and readout stations.

July 2010
In response to huge customer demand, Gabriel Aerospace enters CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) download technology market.